An analysis of the collapse of the bronze age

Climate Change, Drought, Crop Failure and Famine There is evidence for drought and unprecedented famine during the last years of the thirteenth and the early decades of the twelfth century BCE that appears to have affected the entire region.

Whether they intended to return to their homes is, again, debated.

Bronze Age

Aside from citing the latest archaeological research, you utilize some remarkable primary sources in BC, including meticulous diplomatic correspondence drawn from the Amarna Letters, the Pylos and Knossos Linear B tablets from Greece, and texts from Ugarit.

The Phoenician city-states and the Aramaeans seem to have fared better than many others. The Battle of Djahy, which pitted the Egyptians against the Sea Peoples occurred a few years earlier.

Bronze Age

Map of invasions, destructions, and possible population movements during the collapse of Late Bronze Age civilizations, c. Syria[ edit ] A map of the Bronze Age collapse Ancient Syria had been initially dominated by a number of indigenous Semitic -speaking peoples.

What Caused The Mysterious Bronze Age Collapse?

Mass migrations such as these are generally triggered by combinations of factors, including: Babylonia rose to prominence in the Bronze Age around B. Many Greek myths are tied to Mycenae. The Hittites, for example, were importing grain from Egypt which was critical for their survival.

Earthquakes, famine, sociopolitical unrest, and invasion by nomadic tribes may also have played a role. Professor Cline, I thank you for speaking with me about BC, and I wish you many happy adventures in research. This work has been released into the public domain by its author.

The Babylonians belatedly attempted to gain a foothold in the region during their brief revival under Nebuchadnezzar I in the 12th century BC, however they too were overcome by their Assyrian neighbours.

Public Domain; Screen Capture. Cast rather than forged swords and spears for example; the creation of the all-purpose long sword cut and thrust ; and the sudden appearance of large-scale bronze foundries.

Akkad, Assyria and Babylonia all used the written East Semitic Akkadian language for official use and as a spoken language. And they take advantage of that. Does not my father know that all my troops and chariots. Although human beings have survived such catastrophes time and again when they come individually, such as rebuilding after an earthquake or living through a drought, what if they all occurred at once, or in quick succession.

I should add that a volume co-edited with Dr. I, too, am fascinated by the texts from Ugarit. 1 The end of the Bronze Age c. BC in the Eastern Mediterranean is an ongoing topic of scholarly debate. Some scholars blame the sudden and violent collapse of Bronze Age.

The Bronze Age collapse may be seen in the context of a technological history that saw the slow, comparatively continuous spread of ironworking technology in the region, beginning with precocious iron-working in the present Bulgaria and Romania in the 13th and 12th centuries BC.

The Late Bronze Age world of the Eastern Mediterranean, a rich linkage of Aegean, Egyptian, Syro-Palestinian, and Hittite civilizations, collapsed famously years ago and has remained one of the mysteries of the ancient world since the event’s retrieval began in the late 19th century AD/CE.

A new study shows that drought spurred the collapse of Bronze Age civilizations on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. The Late Bronze Age Collapse, often alternately referred to as the Mycenaean Palatial Civilization Collapse, was a period of time — roughly between the years of BC ( years ago) — that was violent, and catastrophically disruptive with regard to cultures, social systems.

The Late Bronze Age Collapse has puzzled scholars for centuries.

The Bronze Age Collapse

Dr. Eric H. Cline shares some fresh perspectives from " BC" in this interview with AHE. The Late Bronze Age Collapse has puzzled scholars for centuries. Dr.

An analysis of the collapse of the bronze age
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The Fall of a Civilization: The Mysterious Collapse of the Mycenaean Bronze Age | Ancient Origins