The common characteristics of the white collar offender

This should include systematic collection of consistent personality information in WC offenders, so better differentiating WC offender types from other offenders and the law-abiding.

A grasp of the motivations, characteristics and behaviours of WC The desire to be successful, seen to be effective and to be rewarded for this success may lead a person to seek their desired outcome at all costs. These may include violation of tax laws, avoidance of currency-reporting requirements, securities violations, and environmental crimes.

A wide variety of regulatory offenses are also considered to be white-collar crimes. Pure WC offenders were more likely to have narcissistic tendencies.

Table 1 shows the results of the logistic regression. Cost to society White-collar crime represents one of the fastest-growing types of crime in the world. Computer crimes represent one means by which white-collar criminals exploit technology. But their achieving this through dishonest and unethical methods is not; particularly as it may make the overall company liable if the business knew that the employee was acting illegally.

The first explicitly psychological study of WC crime was conducted by Collins and Schmidt Gender and varieties of white- collar crime.

The term, coined in by the American criminologist Edwin Sutherlanddrew attention to the typical attire of the perpetrators, who were generally businesspeople, high-ranking professionals, and politicians.

World Health Organisation, Cambridge University press. Such violations, unlike common-law crimes, may not require any criminal intent by the defendant.

Qualitative research may reveal the motivations, attitudes, values and beliefs WC offenders bring to their offences, as a paradox of having narcissists and stable psychopaths in the workplace. In addition to criminal punishment, those convicted of regulatory violations may also be subject to civil and administrative penalties.

Our results, however, require some caveats. Money laundering is a relatively new type of white-collar crime that is utilized by criminals wishing to conceal profits gained through illegal activities.

Owing to the concealed nature of many frauds and the fact that few are reported even when discovered, their cost is impossible to estimate precisely, but in the United States it is thought to be at least 10 times the combined cost of thefts, burglaries, and robberies.

White-collar crime

Many fraudsters are in their forties. In addition to several bivariate and chi-square analyses comparing the frequencies of counts between groups, a binominal logistic regression was employed to identify predictors that would distinguish WC from NWC offenders.

Common characteristics Although white-collar crimes are quite varied, most have several characteristics in common. Organised and corporate crime in Europe: In line with these findings. International Association for Applied Psychology Personality, integrity, and white-collar crime: Money laundering is a relatively new type of white-collar crime that is utilized by criminals wishing to conceal profits gained through illegal activities.

A personality- trail does not in itself determine criminality, but it is one among other factors for instance, developmental. In some cases corporate crimes are conducted by bogus entities that pose as legal corporations or partnerships.

Perjuryobstruction of justicefalse statements, and witness tampering are also considered white-collar crimes.

White-collar crime

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Common Characteristics of the White Collar Offender 2 To say that your ‘run of the mill,’ White-Collar criminals are ultimately the same, is a statement that does not and can not align with the actions and behaviors taken by these very criminals.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in one of his early short stories, “They are different from you and me,” and was. The Common Characteristics of a White Collar Offender Anyone that has taken a class or even worked a “hint” of a white collar crimes understands that Edwin H.

Sutherland is responsible for coining the term. A comparison of white collar crimes reveals that they also show distinct variations in offender profiles, patterns of victimization, and offense characteristics. Finally, in white collar crimes, offender status and prestige, age, race, and sex correspond to differences in the nature and consequences of the crime.

According to a report published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), new research shows that men, years old, working in an accounting department are the most common offenders. According to our text, there are other characteristics that the “common” white collar offender may exhibit.

White collar offenders tend to be, on average, sum 10 years older than non-violent offenders who commit common crimes (Benson & Simpson, ).

The common characteristics of the white collar offender
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