The ethics of biowarfare

Some fear that weapons engineered to target ethnic groups are a future possibility. With the current evolution of potential threats, the issue of biological and chemical weaponry is a very important one.

This article is based on his ethics course research paper. The Geneva Protocol called for the prohibition of the use of chemical and biological weapons in war. Naturalism seems to be the pervading worldview the author adheres to.

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Biosecurity Codes

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One organization, the Federation of American Scientists FASbelieves that the education of young scientists is an important step in the elimination of weapons of mass destruction.

The Ethics of Biowarfare

The article would suggest that human life is highly valued. With the better understanding of disease in the 20th century, various forms of chemical and biological weaponry emerged.

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Education is the key to raise the ethical consciousness of bioscientists. Although it focuses on a number of different scientific disciplines, it is clear that the text is meant to guide the actions of life scientists. The use of weapons comes down to whether or not it is morally acceptable and ethically responsible to do harm to another person.

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The project could contribute to the understanding of human genetics and the improvement of human health. However, because the threat of biotechnological attacks exist, it is also important to develop and implement a global scientific code of conduct to curb the proliferation of such weaponry.

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The Ethics of Biowarfare

M. A. Somerville is at the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics, and Law, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, H3A 1W9. R. M. Atlas is at the Center for the Deterrence of Biowarfare and Bioterrorism at the University of Louisville, KYUSA.

Advances in the life sciences, especially in molecular.

Ethics and biological warfare.

The Ethics (moral principle) of Biowarfare Daniel Reyes articlehighlights Nations need to take preventative measures to curb the development and proliferation of biological and chemical weapons, such as: * adopting a scientific code of ethics. Below is a proposed code of ethics for the life sciences developed by M.

A. Somerville, McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics, and Law, and Ronald M. Atlas, Center for the Deterrence of Biowarfare and Bioterrorism at the University of Louisville. Transcript of Ethics of Biological Warfare "The Poor Man's Nuclear Bomb" Zebulon Keith-Hardy & Takujiro Kobayashi What is Biological Warfare?

- A Biological weapon (BW) is defined as any organism or toxin found in nature that can be used to kill or injure people. They propose a code of ethics that urges physicians and scientists to “[c]all to the attention of the public, or appropriate authorities, activities (including unethical research) that there are reasonable grounds to believe are likely to contribute to bioterrorism or biowarfare.”.

May 06,  · Reyes, Daniel. “The Ethics of Biowarfare.” Action Bioscience. February The article highlights the need for nations to take preventative measures to curb the development and proliferation of biological and chemical weapons.

The ethics of biowarfare
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Ethics of Biological Warfare by Takuji Kobayashi on Prezi