Write an essay on visit to the zoo

Just by the side of this enclosure we came across polar bears who looked sad and deserted.

A visit to a zoo – Short Essay or Paragraph in English

Numerous people and lots of children were moving all over the place. The ostrich was as large as the camel. Giraffe is an attraction for children.

Write an Essay on Your Visit to a Zoo

The Nehru Zoological Park has a separate enclosure for lions where they can be seen roaming freely. Their place was surrounded by a broad ditch of water. The peacocks were dancing merrily. It seemed to be having the strength of a giant. It increased my knowledge. We first visited the tank, the water of which was green, ducks, fish, cranes and other water birds were swimming happily on its surface.

His body was bare but he had long hair on his neck. The most interesting thing was the wonderful sight of tigers moving about freely in the open behind the enclosures. There were fish of many species and colours.

A visit to a zoo essay of 522 words

I was told by a guide that some of the snake was extremely poisonous. I was so excited that I kept jumping on my seat. So we decided to go to the zoo. He was surrounded by the iron bars.

They were of various colors. It was the place of black bear which attracted a mammoth gathering. They seemed to be dead. Then we saw a tank full of all kind of coloured fish. I was so excited that I kept jumping on my seat. The lion had a brown colour.

They seemed to be two or three quintals heavy. We entered to zoological garden and came across a beautiful lake in which some water-birds like ducks were swimming. I am an animal lover. We visited the tigers, lions and bears shut in cages.

I felt that I had visited a new world. The zoological parks are so vast that it is very difficult to describe all the departments and enclosures fully. There were vendors selling balloons, caps, eatables and lot of other things. While walking around the zoo, I saw boards which warned us not to feed the animals.

They were kept in glass cages and looked very fearful. They are kept in cages and are most carefully looked after. They ranged from sparrows, eagles and parrots to pigeons of various colours. I saw many other wild beasts like the panther, the leopard, and other whose names I could not know.

After seeing the zoo, we felt tired and hungry. The zoo at Luck now is situated in a open space near Hazratganj.

They played several tricks and we felt amused by those tricks. We returned to station with a lasting impression on our mind. Inside we boarded a small train which took us around the park.

Essay on “A visit to a zoo” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. A visit to a zoo is an interesting experience. Last Sunday I went to Delhi zoo with my father.

We went there by bus.

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Delhi zoo is near Purana Quila. My father bought the tickets and we entered the gate. There were ponds on both the sides of the road. Ducks were swimming in the ponds. We saw kangaroos, elephants, stags, deer and 'Neelgai' etc. Short Essay on A visit to a Zoo. Zoo is a place where birds and animals of different kinds and colours are kept.

A visit to the zoo is always very interesting. ESSAY / PARAGRAPH: A VISIT TO ZOO: FOR CLASS 6,7,8 Last Saturday, we had a holiday and we decided to pay a visit to the Lahore zoo. So, I visited the zoo with my parents. We packed our necessary equipment and left for zoo at p.m.

Essay on a visit to the zoo: Sample essays for kids to read and learn to write an essay about a visit to the zoo. Read and Essay now! A zoo does not contain ordinary birds and animals which we usually see in our villages and towns.

It contains those birds and animals which we cannot generally see.

A visit to a zoo essay of 522 words

A visit to a zoo essay of words.

Write an essay on visit to the zoo
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A visit to a zoo - Short Essay or Paragraph in English